Blog Rebooted 2011

7. January 2011
The new laptop will be a Dell XPS 17 series laptop. The specs for the laptop are pretty nice too. I had it come with an i7-740QM processor as well as the nVidia 445M 3gb video card.

So I decided to reboot my blog, figuratively and literally. I upgraded it to the latest version of DotNetBlogEngine 2.0 and am really enjoying the new features. I've decided that I need to blog more in 2011 than I did in 2010. I'm not positive if I will be able to keep this commitment, but I will certainly try my best.

My goal for this year is to publish interesting information about the things I come across programming. Probably 75% of my posts will be related to Voice/Voip applications. However, I'll throw in the occasional general tech post regarding tech stuff in my life. More...

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Click2Message In Beta

7. January 2011

OLD POST FROM 3/26/2008

Exciting news! Click2Message is now in beta. It's really actually is Alpha but who cares. When you have a team of a few developers it really all works out to be the same thing. So what is this all about and what the heck is Click2Message?

Click2Message is focused on enabling voice communication in the social networking space. It allows you to put a little "widget" on your social profile. This widget allows someone to put in their cell phone or any other phone number and click call. What happens is some cool magic with the Broadsoft platform. Immediately you will get connected to the person who put the widget on their page. This allows you to talk to them without needing to know their number. More...